PC Feature List

Go Integrator for Webex Calling 3.2


Presence Functions Lite DB
Custom presence view
Own Caller/Called party details
Set CommPilot profile
Progressive search of users in presence window
Call Control Lite DB
Other extension answer
Hang up
Configurable "F" buttons-Hotkeys
Directory Services Lite DB
Local contacts address book (stored on PC)
Search of local contacts address book (stored on PC)
Personal Phone List (stored on Broadworks Server)*
Search of personal Phone List (stored on Broadworks Server)*
Individual search of connected address books
Simultaneous search of multiple address books
Microsoft Outlook incoming call contact searching
Basic call logs
Display number type in Address Book
Name/number search from system tray Dial field
Email from search contact results
Dialing Lite DB
Microsoft Outlook dialing integration
Dialing from web browser page
Dialing from Call History
Dialing from clipboard
Dialing from applications
Dialing from TAPI enabled applications
Focus Dialing
Advanced dialing rules
Functionality Lite DB
Call Preview window with call control
PC selectable ring tone
PC sound mute on call activity
Import and export of dial configuration settings
Event driven application launch (call events)
Support for Citrix and Terminal services
Docking Presence window (Windows 8 and 10 only)
Docking Toolbar (Windows 8 and 10 only)
Online Help(?)
Preview Window screen re-positioning
Tray menu icon updates according to DND and Forward
Call Recording mute / unmute
External LED Support (Kuando Busylight and Embrava Blynclight)